The best times for capturing EVP

        When conducting EVP investigations you do not have to worry a lot about the weather
conditions outside.  When taking photographs on investigations the weather plays a major
role in determining when you can take pictures because the rain, fog, snow, and other bad
weather conditions will cause false anomalies on your pictures.  This is not the case with an
EVP investigation!  The weather does not effect the results of your investigations but you
must use certain precautions.  If you are recording in the rain always note that it is raining
because the microphone might pick up the sound of the rain.  Always put your back toward
the wind when you are recording in windy conditions.  This way your body can be used as a
shield to stop most of the wind from hitting your microphone that can sometimes block out
the soft whispers of the dead.

        Investigations for EVP can also be conducted in the daytime because ghosts and spirits
are there during the daylight hours just like they are at night.  This also allows the
investigator to conduct investigations that might not be possible in some areas at night
because it against the law.

        Like any paranormal investigation the activity seems to increase around the cycle of
the new and full moon.  Solar storms and other geophysical events could also increase EVP
activity.  The great thing about EVP investigations is that you can record EVP at anytime or
place!   It is a also very hard to confuse an EVP with something that has a natural cause,
which is very different when it comes to spirit photography.  With spirit photography there
are so many natural anomalies that can be confused with spirit orbs.  It
's different with
Electronic Voice Phenomena  there
's not a lot of things you can get an EVP confused with
unless you break the rule and talk during your investigations!
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